TRB JOBS: Deutschsprachiger Ruby Developer in Hannover - Jaaaa!

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  • July 2016 newsletter discusses Reform 2.2, the new exciting hash field feature, Rails 5 and our website and documentation update.
  • May 2016 newsletter discusses Cells 4.1, how it simplifies layouts and makes ActionView redundant, TRB and Hanami's increasing gravity and what's been happening in the Ruby community this month.
  • March 2016 Talks about coercion in Reform using Dry-Types, the nilify feature, compositional aspects in operations and presentations in Europe in Feburary.
  • January 2016 January 2016 newsletter talks about Formular (new form builder for Ruby), dry-validation in Reform, Sinatra/TRB, cool but unknown features in Reform and upcoming talks in Europe and Australia.