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Reform Upgrading Guide

Last updated 08 July 2016

Upgrading Guide

We try to make upgrading as smooth as possible. Here’s the generic documentation, but don’t hesitate to ask for help on Gitter.

2.1 to 2.2

In a Rails environment with ActiveModel/ActiveRecord, you have to include the reform-rails gem.

gem "reform"
gem "reform-rails"

1.2 to 2.0


Validations like validates_acceptance_of are not available anymore, you have to use the new syntax.

validates acceptance: true


Using form.valid? is a private concept and was never publicly documented. It is still available (private) but you are strongly recommended to use #validate instead.


Apparently, some people used form.update!({..}) to pre-fillout forms. #update! has never been publicly documented and got removed in Reform 2. However, you can achieve the same behavior using the following hack.

Reform::Form.class_eval do
  alias_method :update!, :deserialize
  public :update!

Validation Backend

This only is necessary when not using reform/rails, which is automatically loaded in a Rails environment.

In an initializer, e.g. config/initializers/reform.rb.

require "reform/form/active_model/validations"
Reform::Form.class_eval do
  include Reform::Form::ActiveModel::Validations