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Cells Render API

Last updated 26 July 2016


View Paths

Every cell class can have multiple view paths. However, I advise you not to have more than two, better one, unless you’re implementing a cell in an engine. This is simply to prevent unexpected behavior.

View paths are set via the ::view_paths method.

class Cell::ViewModel
  self.view_paths = ["app/cells"]

Use the setter to override the view paths entirely, or append as follows.

class Shopify::CartCell
  self.view_paths << "/var/shopify/app/cells"

The view_paths variable is an inheritable array.

A trick to quickly find out about the directory lookup list is to inspect the ::prefixes class method of your particular cell.

puts Shopify::CartCell.prefixes
#=> ["app/cells/shopify/cart", "/var/shopify/app/cells/shopify/cart"]

This is the authorative list when finding templates. It will include inherited cell’s directories as well when you used inheritance. The list is traversed from left to right.


Even considered a taboo, you may render global partials from Cells.

SongCell < Cell::ViewModel
  include Partial

  def show
    render partial: "../views/shared/sidebar.html"

Make sure to use the :partial option and specify a path relative to the cell’s view path. Cells will automatically add the format and the terrible underscore, resulting in "../views/shared/_sidebar.html.erb".