A High-Level Architecture For The Web

About Trailblazer

Trailblazer gives you a high-level architecture for web applications.

Logic that used to get violently pressed into MVC is restructured and decoupled from the Rails framework. New abstraction layers like operations, form objects, authorization policies, data twins and view models guide you towards a better architecture.

By applying encapsulation and good OOP, Trailblazer maximizes reusability of components, gives you a more intuitive structure for growing applications and adds conventions and best practices on top of Rails' primitive MVC stack.

A polymorphic architecture sitting between controller and persistence is designed to handle many different contexts and helps to minimize code to handle various user roles and edge cases.

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The Book

Yes, there's a book!

Written by the creator of Trailblazer, this book gives you 300 pages full of wisdom about Trailblazer and its gems, such as Reform, Cells and Roar.

The book comes with a sample app repository to conveniently browse through changes per chapter.

In the book, we build a realistic Rails application with Trailblazer that discusses convoluted requirements such as dynamic forms, polymorphic rendering and processing for signed-in users, file uploads, pagination, a JSON document API sitting on top of that, and many more problems you run into when building web applications.

Check out the full book description for a few more details about the content.

If you want to learn about this project and if you feel like supporting Open-Source, please buy and read it and let us know what you think.

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